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I was born and raised in Texas. Some of my fondest childhood memories growing up in Houston are of its art and natural history museums, which helped foster an appreciation for the aesthetics of the natural world that I hold central to my work. I took an early interest in representational drawing as a child, which developed into the basis for my initial approach to art and drives me to explore the concept of representation in my practice.

I tend to be an anxious person by nature, and as I dealt with this during my teen years I came to find comfort in minimalism, clarity, and the familiarity of everyday objects and forms, which all play a part in my practice and how I choose to go about representation. At the current point in my life, I find myself intrigued by the concepts of self, identity, and perception, and how representation relates to and influences them. 

A R T I S T' S   S T A T E M E N T

I see art as a means of interpreting and interacting with the world. Seeing as such, my practice is heavily based in exploration and process, considering what it means to paint and to represent and what I seek to achieve in doing so. This intrigue in art as a practice compels me to explore painting both at its simplest, without regard for representation; and alternatively at its most illusionistic, mimicking form and space. My work often plays on the juxtaposition between these two modes or begins by examining the space in between, exploring how and why certain marks begin to imply form. Dissecting how the impressions of light, depth, and space are communicated on a picture plane allows me to isolate and reduce these illusionistic principles and implement them in my more non-objective painting.

As a representational artist, I consistently reference the human form for inspiration and subject matter, and my practice often explores the distinction between representing the human form as an object and as an identity, and where that distinction lies visually. Throughout my work, my mark making and compositional choices are informed by the organic, gestural patterns and forms of the natural world.


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